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Experience the nature with us!

If you want to ethically get up close and personal with elephants then please visit Doi Lom. Tony and his team truly care about their elephant family, and strive to give them the best life they can. When you visit Doi Lom you are helping to keep this small herd of elephants out of work camps, and you are also helping the entire village. Tony rents land from village land owners and also hires local residents to prepare meals for guests. My partner and I planned to go for a few hours and ended up spending the night, as it was such a lovely experience. The elephants, Tony, his staff and family, and the location. (Yes there are a few rooms to rent!). Please support Doi Lom; they are an ethical elephant experience in Thailand.
Stefan WaldenmaierStefan Waldenmaier
09:25 09 Feb 24
Madeline AltenburgMadeline Altenburg
09:25 09 Feb 24
amandine bazileamandine bazile
13:21 08 Feb 24
I have been in Thailand for 1 year and I wanted to find the ideal place that suits what I want regarding elephants. I found the perfect place. Only 3 elephants here. There were only 9 of us in the morning to take the walk alongside the elephants. It was the experience I wanted to have. No malice, no bad signs only positive. Thank you to the team surrounding the animals. The place to be, no TripAdvisor, no map or flyers in all the hotels, it's holy here
Pablo RamosPablo Ramos
05:17 08 Feb 24
It was a very nice experience, we had a great time with Moo and the staff at Doi Lom Elephant Rescue! I would recommend the place 100%, and support places that care for and treat these beautiful beings affectionately! Thank you 🫶🏻 Greetings from Pablo in Uruguay 🇺🇾
Sarah DodgsonSarah Dodgson
12:41 26 Jan 24
Wonderful Experience! We learned the history of where the elephants came from. Made their medicine, walked around the farm feeding and washing the elephant. We had a nice lunch of Pad Thai and watermelon. Thoroughly enjoyable and we left feeling content that the elephants are leading happy lives
Kathleen PeachKathleen Peach
09:32 25 Jan 24
This was an absolutely amazing experience! Seeing the elephants was such a privilege and to see them being looked after so well and loved by the staff was really heartwarming. If you want to visit elephants then this is definitely the place to go.
Saroj PromchanSaroj Promchan
15:02 15 Jan 24
Andrew ChenAndrew Chen
00:03 30 Dec 23
Visiting Doi Lom Elephant Rescue was a truly beautiful and majestic experience. The warmth and hospitality extended by Mu and everyone at the sanctuary made the visit incredibly welcoming. Interacting with these magnificent creatures in such a caring environment was truly unforgettable. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an enriching and heartwarming experience!
L.T StylesL.T Styles
10:02 19 Dec 23
A wonderful experience! I was lucky enough to be the only person on the day, so I had all the attention and all the time with the elephants."Moo" my guide was excellent , supa cool and very funny! She made me feel very comfortable and welcomed.All the staff were great, actually!Elephants are such beautiful creatures, and I feel quite different after being in their presence. Relaxed and grounded!Very affordable prices, including pick up and drop off. Highly recommend!!!
Kateřina SmisitelováKateřina Smisitelová
07:30 10 Dec 23
Amazing place, amazing people! Totally recommend, we had a great time! Thank you. ❤️❤️
Sa aSa a
10:33 05 Dec 23
Beautiful place with lovely elephants 3 of them, with excellent and friendly staff, shout out to uncle P who picked us up from the train station after a long travel from Ayuthaya.
Taylor NetzTaylor Netz
06:50 26 Nov 23
Staff and owner Tony were so wonderful!! They are very passionate about elephants and giving them a life of happiness. I would recommend coming here if you are looking for a wonderful experience with a company that treats elephants with love.
Bella VitaBella Vita
12:01 25 Oct 23
Our group's camping experience in the hills north of Chiang Mai was nothing short of exceptional. We set up camp right next to the river, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the hills. The location offered a perfect blend of natural serenity and adventure.Our days were filled with thrilling activities, but the highlight was definitely the proximity to the river. We spent hours enjoying the crystal-clear waters, be it for a refreshing swim or just to relax by the riverbank. Evenings around the campfire were a perfect way to end our days.Waking up to the breathtaking view of the sun rising over the nearby hills was a sight to behold. Breakfast by the riverside was a joy, and our visits to the nearby village were a unique cultural experience. The opportunity to buy food for the elephants and observe their gentle nature added a memorable touch to our journey.This wasn't just a camping trip; it was a connection with nature, an adventure shared with friends, and a chance to experience the local culture. The hills north of Chiang Mai provided a setting for unforgettable memories that our group will cherish for years to come.
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